A series featuring music, dances, stories, spoken word, pieces generated the word "Home" and so much more.

#ACTCreativeCollabs is an online series featuring NEW artist driven work. Artists that are passionate about music.

If you’ve been humming a tune, speaking some words or moving around your living room and want to finally ‘make it happen’, we are here to chat, help and get some of it out there.

All for artistic and creative gain only. We are passionate about the artistry, not the release date and self promotion.

Together with a wealth of musical knowledge and improvisation experience, we’re sure to give your song, poem, dance or story the lift it need and bring a sense of raw honesty and joy.

This is a non profit idea.

We are simply a group of actors twiddling our thumbs in lockdown, hoping to meet new, creative and like minded people.

Take it easy and if you fancy getting in touch, we would love to hear from you.

The ACT Music LDN Team x